Don’t Let Your Pets Stop Your Home From Selling

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Don’t Let Your Pets Stop Your Home From Selling


Staging a home when you have a pet can be a bit challenging. You love your pet, but research consistently shows that potential home buyers don’t always love the idea of a pet having lived in a home. They may be afraid of leftover smells, damage, or potential allergens, so whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to keep your pets out of the way and out of the minds of home buyers. Here are five steps you must take to stage your home when you have pets.                                        


Put Together a Plan for Your Pet


If your house is on the market, you will be showing your home and likely hold an open house. It’s not a good idea to keep your pet around when prospective buyers come for a visit, so think about how you can get your pet out of the house, even at a moment’s notice. Since homeowners generally don’t stick around during these appointments, use this time to take your dog for a walk or go on a nice, long drive with your cat in his carrier. If your house is being shown while you’re at work, don’t take any chances. You can drop your pet off at a boarding or daycare facility or have them stay with a friend.


Clean From Top to Bottom and Keep It That Way


A good deep cleaning is always a good idea when it comes to selling a house. You’ll need to take extra care when cleaning, since pets tend to leave all sorts of spots and smells behind. Thoroughly wipe down counters, walls, baseboards, and all of the spaces in between. Pay special attention to any fabrics and definitely don’t forget to clean your carpets. Carpets take so much abuse and tend to trap pet odors, so give yours an extra deep cleaning to get rid of smells. Consider hiring professionals to do the cleaning for you! Hiring pros can save you time, and they can find spots that you may miss. You may even consider having the house cleaned regularly while it’s on the market, to keep it fresh.


Make Sure Pet Items Go Unseen


If you don’t want potential buyers to know you have a pet, you’ll need to find a secure spot to stash your pet’s belongings. Simply tossing items in closets and cabinets may not work if visitors will have access to those areas during showings. One solution is to invest in a few sizeable storage totes to keep in a closet or garage. You can quickly stash collars, bowls, and even litter boxes in these totes when people come to view your house, getting them out of sight and out of mind.


Find Ways to Freshen Up the Air


Even with the deepest of cleanings, pet odors can still stick around, especially if your pet lives in the house while it’s on the market. Keep litter boxes cleaned out and free of odors and freshen up any other surfaces that may attract unwelcome smells. Invest in a few lightly scented candles, scent diffusers, and/or essential oils to take attention away from any odors. Have a neighbor or friend stop in from time to time to check for smells you may have gone nose blind to and take care of them promptly.


Put Away Pet and Personal Photos


In the middle of all the cleaning and preparing, don’t forget to take down any photos you may have of your pet. Actually, most realtors suggest putting away all personal photos and items before showings and open houses. Doing so allows potential buyers to really picture themselves in their potential new home, rather than focusing on your pictures. Find safe, secure spots for these items instead and don’t leave valuables where they can be easily accessed. Taking these measures can make your home more appealing while giving you priceless peace of mind.


Selling a home is always stressful, especially when there are pets involved. Invest in a good cleaning, have a plan for your pet and their belongings, and let potential buyers really see themselves in your home.